Nineteen Empty Buckets

struggling against the elements

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Can’t keep putting stress onto friends.

I swore . I wouldn’t do this again and I’ve slipped into that trap.

It’s not fair on them. They didn’t sign up for my complete self absorption and inability to function.

I need to step back and stop.

I need to stay giving and stop taking.

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Knowing you just don’t have the time and being completly overwhelmed.

Drowning and no amount of paddling can keep me afloat.

I’m so ready for this month to be over.

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I just want to run away.

To pack up and dissapear.

I hate how I hurt and worry my friends, and I hate how useless and pathetic my life is right now.

¬†feel like it would be best for everyone if I just wasn’t here any more.

I don’t want to die - just start a new life. A new city. A new country maybe.

Somewhere I don’t have to be … me.

Somewhere I can be someone else. Someone happier. Someone less of a mess. Someone worthwhile.

I just want t run as far away as I can.